Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cholla Cactus, Agua Caliente Hill and an Arizona Sunset

I decided to wait another day for my search for Saguaro flowers. I picked some easy pictures today around 50 yards from my door. The cactus pictures below are, I believe, Staghorn Cholla. Chollas are a prolific type of cactus and there are more than 30 kinds of Cholla. Over time I'll see if I can find them all. Their flowers appear in May.

The above Staghorn Cholla has yellowish fruit and yellow flowers.

The above Staghorn Cholla has red fruit and red flowers.

Agua Caliente Hill, east of Tucson around sunset, rises to 5,369 feet. In North Carolina, where I am from, we call that elevation a mountain. Out here it is called a HILL.

A nice Arizona Sunset to end the day.

Full moon picture I took last night. As I was taking this picture at Sabino Canyon I heard a crash in a bush about 10 feet away. I looked over and a bobcat walks into the parking lot. I guess she missed her rabbit. I looked a bit large for food ( I hope).

Picture of Blacketts Ridge and Thimble Peak in Sabino Canyon by moonlight Saturday night around midnight.

Until tomorrow....