Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park

PICT0228_2.JPG photo by endbradley

If you have 1/2 a day and are feeling energetic then Angels Landing is a spectacular hike. To start this hike you get off the shuttle at The Grotto stop. The trail first climbs Walters Wiggles with over 21 switchbacks in a row. The elevation change is 1,488 feet for the whole hike over about 2.5 miles one way. The National Park Service estimates the 5 mile round trip hike will take about 5 hours. The last part of the hike is along steep cliffs. Some places you just hold on to a chain embedded into the rock to keep your balance on the narrow trail. So the top part of this hike is not for anyone that is afraid of heights.

Zion Angels landing – the view.jpg photo by Sjors Provoost

The picture above is near the top of Angels Landing.

angels landing photo by nsgbrown

This is the start of the scary part. Lots of steep cliffs and a narrow trail. I would turn back here if you are afaid of heights.

zi1310 angels photo by <<graham>>

Park Service Sign with Warnings.

Zion Angels landing – sofie.jpg photo by Sjors Provoost

She is on the edge. This picture is not an illusion. It’s a long way down.

IMG_4871 photo by endbradley

This is the start of the final climb to Angels Landing. Lots of nice dropoffs for some excitement.

Zion Angels landing – halfway.jpg photo by Sjors Provoost

This picture is about 1/2 way up to Angels Landing.

Climbing Angels Landing photo by endbradley

Walters Wiggles is the picture above. You climb over 21 switchbacks in a row. This is at the begining of the hike.

Zion Angels landing – The scary part.jpg photo by Sjors Provoost

Another picture of the start of the scary part.

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